Tips for Overcoming Your Social Reluctance

  • Start with baby steps – consciously attempt to engage with others on a semi-regular basis; someone new at work, church, or from an old group of friends. You don’t need to do it for 3 hours, try 5 or 10 minutes at first.
  • Don’t view a social event as a lifetime commitment, you can go to an event, and leave when you want. Plan this ahead, and then test it out. It works! The more you understand you are in control, the easier it becomes.
  • Set up some other mini challenges for yourself by doing some spot behavior changes (do something differently).
  • Make a note, after doing something different 4 or 5 times, does it seem more natural? If not, Don’t beat yourself up, keep working it.
  • Whatever you try, observe your behaviors, and don’t expect perfection.
  • Congratulate yourself on small gains, small gains will evolve into larger gains.
  • Spend time doing and learning things you enjoy, this all leads to more positive feelings about yourself and others.

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